Make smarter decisions with REAL

Geospatial Design Labs is parent company of REAL. REAL is the pioneer in establishing and bringing together the entire process of GIS based project management tool. REAL is an intelligent GIS data analytical model which provides a framework for an integrated workflow of geographical and land ownership information. By Bridging the gaps in the current system REAL has built a digital land analytics data as a platform for the consumers which will help in Analysing, Planning and Strategizing the decision making .Real as SAAS can be integrated to different software applications and also can be customized to various domain specific requirements.

REAL data helps users to get the current applicable zone for the particular land survey parcel which then becomes an important criterion to analyse property for potential usage.

All village maps which users can find within REAL can be superimposed over satellite images from Google. This feature not only enhances user experience about the location of the property but also connects the user to the real life imagery. It also helps user to precisely understand the details of the surroundings and other intricacies of the selected property. Without GIS technology it would be very difficult to achieve this precise integration of these two different types of data.

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